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Bed Bug

Treatment Package

Do you face any bed bug issues?
Having Sleepless nights?

we are here to aid you in the quest to rid of all bed bugs.

at Four Solutions we specialize in bed bug treatment, in fact we are doing bed bug treatment almost EVERYDAY.
so you can be sure we are one of the best at it, there isn’t any situations where we haven’t face.

  • Dismantle the components on end
  • Checking of Other Common Places
  • Treating and Controlling Bed Bugs
  • Bag and launder affected items
  • Steaming Beds/Cushion and Discarding Infected Item


Suspecting there are termites living in your house?

Worry about your fitting or furniture in risk of getting damaged?

Termites is one of the top pest problems in Singapore Household. You have to act before they stay rooted in your house.

We at Four Solutions Singapore will help set up baiting station in your house to treat all your termites problems to eliminate them with the best and most effective treatment.

  • Tracking the Termites Locations
  • Setting up Bait Stations
  • Exterminating the Termites
  • Sealing of Cracks in Your Home
  • Preventing Future Infestation (Once Every Quarterly)


Singapore most popular pest is none other than cockroaches, they live in almost all and any all kind of residential and commercial area.

We here at Four Solutions Singapore will Eliminate all the hygiene and cleanliness issue cause by cockroaches, we will target them where they strike and make sure they do not bother you and keep peace within your area.

  • Inspecting the area, tracking the location of the eggs
  • Fumigate/fog/spraying of the area
  • Apply baiting gel to better control the area
  • Maintaining & preventing your area for future infestation


Rodents (rat/mice) happens to every residential and commercial area once in a while, you may not encounter it, but once you did, you wish they didn’t visit.

Rodents brings diseases, illnesses that you do not want to risk, they also destroy your furniture, plants and peace at your home.

We will work towards catching and making sure they will not be your regular visitor by setting up traps and poison.

  • Inspecting your area
  • Setting up baiting & traps
  • Schedule for regular check up
  • Disposing of caught or dead rodents in the covered area
  • Following up and maintaining your area


Fleas and ticks are becoming more and more of a household problems as Singapore are very humid, which often means better breeding for pest such as them.


Pets may attract them over to your living headquarter as well as them invading your house due to nearby infestations.

  • Inspecting Your House Area
  • Treating your affected area with steam
  • Spraying Chemical Around the Area for Prevention (2 Sessions)
  • Killing Ticks and Fleas Indoors/Outdoors

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